English 10R – Chapters 1 and 2 Discussion

5 Oct

Today we discussed the plot details of chapters 1 and 2 from Lord of the Flies. Like many other works of literature, the beginning of the novel establishes the setting and introduces the characters. Students discussed the character traits, motivations, and emerging conflicts of characters like Ralph, Piggy, and Jack.

Student conversations also shifted toward predicting examples of foreshadowing and how characters may change and develop as the novel progresses.

1. If you haven’t already, read through the end of chapter 2.

Study Guide Questions:
Chapter 1
1. Why is Ralph elected chief?
2. How does Ralph betray Piggy? What does this show about Ralph’s character?
3. What is the conch and what purpose does it serve?
4. How are Jack and the choir described? What might this foreshadow?
5. Why is Jack unable to kill the pig?
6. Why did Golding use British school boys?
7. How is Piggy revealed as most clearly tied to the world of adults?

Chapter 2
1. What rules are established to keep order on the island?
2. What are the biggest differences between Ralph and Jack?
3. Describe the little boy who speaks up at the meeting. Of what is he afraid?
4. What happens to the fire?
5. What tragedy occurs at the end of the chapter? How do the boys react?

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