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English 9H – Urban Legends

19 Oct

Read and annotate pages 5 and 6 in the To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 packet. Then respond to the questions. Thursday’s discussion will focus on the qualities of urban legends and we will read and discuss other urban legends.

1. Finish today’s classwork.
2. Continue reading the novel – follow the reading schedule provided in Google classroom.

English 9H – TKAM

13 Oct

Students spent time today discussing the relevancy of To Kill a Mockingbird in today’s world. We will revisit this conversation later on to determine whether this writer’s perspective is still applicable.

1. Read chapters 1-2 and be prepared for a discussion.

English 9H – Perceptions

5 Oct

Students read and discussed a story about assumptions and presuppositions. Our conversation focused on ideas about others we already have and how that perception clouds our judgment and influences our decisions.

For the remainder of the week, we will continue pre-reading activities and conversations to lead us into To Kill a Mockingbird.

English 9H – Baseline Essay

28 Sep

This week, students are continuing to work on their baseline essay. This assignment will be completed entirely in class.

English 9H

19 Sep

Today students took a test on Of Mice and Men, the course’s summer reading text.

1. Please visit the Google classroom page to see the detailed assignment. Students should complete steps 1 and 2 prior to Tuesday’s class.

English 9H

15 Sep

Today we continued to discuss the characters’ actions and motivations from Of Mice and Men. We also discussed the definitions of a topic, a theme, and a claim.

topic: a word or phrase to describe the content of a story
theme: a message or lesson about the topic
claim: a stance based on the topic and theme

A well-written claim should:
1. be a complete sentence.
2. be a universal truth.
3. take a debatable stance.

1. Complete the classwork from today.
2. Prepare for the summer reading test on Monday.

English 9H

13 Sep

Students continued to discuss the characters and events in Of Mice and Men. Conversations shifted from basic plot summary to deeper meaning and literary analysis.

1. Prepare for Monday’s test on Of Mice and Men.