TZ English 9 Honors 2017-18

This course serves as the first of a four-course sequence necessary to meet the graduation requirements of Tappan Zee High School.

Through critical reading and analysis of both fiction and non-fiction texts, students will enhance their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to meet the highest standards of both New York State and the Common Core. This course focuses on introducing argument writing. Students will read given texts, develop a claim, and use text-based evidence to support the claim.

As an honors-level class, students will be expected to complete demanding assignments and work both independently and collaboratively. Units and lessons are designed to be discussion-based and students are expected to generate discussions to show a deep understanding of the assigned reading.

Please speak with me at the first sign of struggling and we will discuss various approaches and strategies to help meet both personal academic goals and the course’s expectations.

Please click below for a copy of the course expectations packet.

2017 2018 9H Course Requirements

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